Hi, my name is Matt Anthes-Washburn

I like to make boring stuff disappear.

I apply a knowledge of how people learn to making products and solving problems.

Here's my story...

I've always been fascinated with how people think, how they learn, and how that changes with interaction with technology. By third grade, I would get calls from the office when the school computers weren't cooperating, and I could walk a grandparent through a UI over the phone that I'd only seen in person while visiting. As a classroom teacher, I learned the power of technology in learning. I developed methods for creating an environment where the technology becomes transparent and enhances learners' ability to see and do. As a product manager, I orchestrate interdisciplinary collaboration. I work with my teams to trust their instincts and empathy in understanding people and interactions, while testing against real-world data and customer interactions.

Check out some of my projects and passions

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Faster, friendlier time tracking

Video Physics

Capture video and analyze motion
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Scrum Basics

Treehouse Course in Agile Software Development
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Beaverton School Board

The voice of an educator for strong Beaverton schools
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TAO Ignite

Health Care for the Rest of Us - Taking the next step in transforming the healthcare experience
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Graphical Analysis

Collect, analyze and share science experiment data

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