Hot Seat:

“Shuffle” for your classroom!


Hot Seat is a teacher’s app designed by a teacher.

It is shown that we, as human beings, are not good at being "random." When we ask for student responses, a few students in the class are much more likely to respond. When we try be “fair,” it turns out we still only hear from select students.

With Hot Seat, you can put your class on “shuffle” and every student will be heard.

How to use Hot Seat for effective formative assessment:

1) Prompt all students to prepare a higher-order thinking response, like, "Predict which object will hit the ground first, and be prepared to explain why."

2) Give everybody wait time (7 or more seconds). Don't give away who will be called!

3) Call a random student. Put them on the "Hot Seat." If a student says, "I don't know," step back from the original question and ask scaffolding questions, such as "Do the objects have different weights?" or, "How does weight affect your prediction?"

The "Hot Seat" questioning strategy means sticking with the student you called, and encouraging them to reveal their thinking. We tend to use it with the students we think are "bright," but studies show teachers' bias affects how they question students.

Try the app with your class and discover what your students are thinking!


The Hot Seat app won't call the same person within 5 cards, but a student can be called again after that, so they need to stay alert!

The cards in your Hot Seat app are straight from your iPhone/iPod Touch contacts app, so you can import and manage them from your desktop or the app. You can also add groups and add and remove students from inside the app. To get started, just create contacts with student names. You can even select or take their picture from inside the app! If you import contact data, such as phone numbers and addresses, they can be accessed directly from the app as well. You can even make a phone call from inside the app!

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Design by AWzone

Hot Seat app concept featured in Atlantic Monthly: “What Makes A Great Teacher” Mr. Taylor uses “Equity Sticks.” Others use “Calling Cards.” Hot Seat App gives you this on your iPhone/iPod touch.